The Real Reason Bill Clinton was an Economic Success





Behind the Numbers and Bill Clinton’s Economic Miracles

We’ve all heard it from the left time and time again.  Well, at least Bill Clinton knew what he was doing with the economy, or Bill Clinton did a great Job with the economy or even the dreaded, it’s all Bush’s fault, pavlovian response.




Up until now Republican’s have pointed out things like well Clinton had a Republican Congress during the boom years or George H.W. Bush laid the groundwork that Bill benefited from etc. etc.

 congresssource Wikipedia


In Econ 101 you learn very early on that a President can do a whole hell of a lot to mess up an economy while in office but there is not a lot of benefits they can reap from their actions while in office. The Federal Reserve Chairman is also accepted by economists as having more of an impact on the economy than the President.

Economist realize this but leftist do not.  Eight years is not enough time to shift major macroeconomic forces for the better as many of these actions take a long time to play out and are often laden with unintended consequences. Technically with the power of the purse, the Congress is also more directly responsible for economic conditions than the President.

Speaking of Major Macroeconomic forces, none is more powerful than demographics. Demographists can use population and birth rate data to predict major trends.   The most prolific researcher in this field is Harry Dent Jr.  In his book “The Demographic Cliff”  Harry’s brilliant research attempts to predict the future.   By now you’re probably wondering, how he can use demographic information to predict the future?  Using data from the US Census Bureau, Mr. Dent found that the average American spends the most amount of money when they are 46 years old.

When you are 46, you typically have the largest home you’ll have.  The kids will more than likely be heading off to college or starting to become more of a money pit, as they start to drive and want expensive things that Mommy and Daddy can buy them.  This is also when the often mentioned mid-life crisis occurs when Dad buys the sports car and has finally established himself in his career.  The chart below depicts the most common ages that major life purchases happen.


Source Harry Dent’s “The Demographic Cliff”


Ok, Great…. we’ve now learned that American’s spend the most amount of money at age 46 but what the heck does that have to do with Bill Clinton?  Great Question.

This next chart from “The Demographic Cliff”  depicts the number of live births over the years.



While this chart shows the immigration-adjust Birth Index (From Harry Dent’s “The Demographic Cliff”).



One thing that stands out is there is a clear exponential growth that occurs around 1947.  If we take 1947 and add a 46-year lag, we get 1993.  This extrapolation means that William Jefferson Clinton inherited an economy that was just seeing the largest generation in US History up until that point coming into their peak spending years.

The absolute peak according to Dent’s research would occur in the year 2007.  Let that sink in for a moment…




My generation of Millennials is slightly larger, but Millennials won’t start turning 46 until 2030.   I doubt the Millennial generation will still spend the most at age 46 for a variety of reasons.  We entered the workforce right as the world was in free fall.  I started my career in Finance the day Lehman Brothers went down which is a day I will never forget.

Exploding college tuitions have meant many of my peers can’t afford to get married.  Which means they can’t afford to purchase a home and this has caused a chain reaction that has resulted in delaying the decision to have children.  I have provided some charts below which back this up.






As you can see from the charts and graphs, they all validate my hypothesis that the Millennial generation will more than likely not reach their inflation adjusted peak spending years until their early 50’s.


Ok, but we’re not here to talk about the Millennials, we’re here to blow holes into the leftist’s claims that they are better suited to handle the economy.  We’re here to cover the fact that Bill Clinton was dealt a royal flush and keeps telling everyone how great of a poker player he is.  To be fair, he is known as one of the best liars in history, so maybe that was a bad analogy.





Another Ace up his Sleeve

Not only did Slick Willy ascend to power right as the Boomers were entering their peak spending years, but this was also when the Dot Com boom was beginning to take off.  The FED by traditional standards had a very accommodative policy which helped fuel this boom and its subsequent crash.  (By today’s standards though the FED was incredibly Hawkish).

Bill left the Whitehouse in 2001 after having inflated a massive tech bubble.  Below we can see what appears to be Bill Clinton seeing a balloon for the first time.  For a Hilarious montage of Bill Clinton appearing to be on Mushrooms, I would recommend you check out this Buzzfeed article.






Cronies, Globalists, and Wall Streeters


For the informed reader, one of the most annoying assertions liberal’s make is that George W Bush deregulated Wall St.  This makes me want to bash my head into a wall every time I hear these words uttered together.  For some background, I have accused the Bush family of being complicit in allowing 9/11 to happen and at the very least they gave the Saudi’s and particularly Bandar Bush cover after the terror attacks.  Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin also has some very shady connections to the Bin Laden’s, but let’s get back to the assertion that it was George W Bush who deregulated Wall St.

Clinton’s treasury secretary was a gentleman (I use that term loosely) by the name of Robert Rubin.  Robert Rubin is a top level globalist gopher who spent 26 years at Goldman Sucks / Government Sachs / Goldman Sachs including serving on their board and acting as co-chairman from 1990-1992 (Source Wikipedia)  After he left the Treasury he went on to perform “advisory and representational roles for” Citigroup until 1-9-09.  He left Citi to become Co-Chair of the CFR  or Council on Foreign Relations.  I would highly recommend anyone reading this to check out the book “Creature from Jeckyll Island” to get a much more comprehensive understanding of this group. The cliff note version is that the CFR is a roundtable group consisting of big wig American: Financiers, “journalists/ propagandists”, news anchors, professors, business tycoons, high ranking govt and military officials and many other influential people.  This group believes America needs to cede its power to larger world bodies in the hopes of creating a one world government.  Current President Richard Haas in his paper titled Sovereignty and globalisation”  states “Moreover, states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function.”


The original seed money came from the Will of Cecil Rhodes for whom the Rhodes scholarship is named after.  Much more can be found in the book “Tragedy and Hope” on this subject by Carol Quigley.  Interestingly enough it was Carol Quigley who gave William Jefferson Clinton his Rhodes scholarship and Bill even mentioned him in his DNC acceptance speech.

To be clear Carol Quigley’s book was not supposed to make it out to the general public but as fate would have it one copy was leaked and it you can find the “master plan” if you will.  Believe me; this is a whole other can of worms, and quite frankly I made some wild assertions but truth is stranger than fiction, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.   Bottom line the CFR is made up of a lot of bad people.  Dick Cheney and Hillary were former directors to give you an idea.


Getting back to Robert Rubin and his role in deregulating Wall St.   Robert Rubin urged Bill Clinton to repeal the Glass-Steagall act.  The Glass-Steagall Act was passed in the midst of the Great Depression and “prohibited banks from doing both investment banking (Wall Street activities like selling stocks and bonds) and retail banking (checking and savings accounts targeted at Main Street).” (Source CNN Money)

On Wall St, there was no bigger proponent of repealing this act than John Reed, acting CEO of Citi.  “Reed wanted Citi to merge with Travelers Group, an insurance company. For that, he needed the law repealed.”(CNN Money)  Interestingly enough, Reed has now admitted its repeal was a huge mistake!


“Reed wanted Citi to merge with Travelers Group, an insurance company. For that, he needed the law repealed.”  John Reed FMR CEO Citigroup (CNN Money)


The conflicts of interest is enough to make ones head spin.  Robert Rubin helped repeal the Glass Stegal act then went to work for the main company lobbying to repeal it!  Rubin then was instrumental in helping Citi obtain $45,000,000,000 in TAXPAYER funds to bailout his bank that was collapsing under its own weight that was a direct result of his awful decision to repeal Glass-Steagall.  To add insult to injury ““He made $120 million from Citibank, which was technically insolvent. And now we, the taxpayers, are paying for it.”(Nassim Taleb “ The Black Swan” and Bloomberg)


It’s amazing how many more Goldman Sachs connections and cronyism we could detail but I know the American attention span isn’t what it used to be, and my message usually reaches more people with memes than lengthy dissertations.



To recap:  The Clinton administration repeals the most important piece of legislation to come out of the great depression.  Then all their funder’s at the Mega Wall St banks became incredibly reckless with their new power.  Many of the people in the Clinton Administration were in senior Wall St positions, but somehow it is still Bush’s fault. Again, I think Bush is an idiot and as a student of Austrian Economics statements like this drives me nuts:



To be fair though, the GDP underneath George W Bush was NEVER below that of William Jefferson Clinton, even in the depths of the financial crisis as seen below.



The Debt


If there was ever an area where Liberals love to hang their hat on, it is this assertion: “ At least Clinton ran Surplus’s.”   As you can see from the chart below, the debt still went up under WJC.  The highlighted lines show the incredible milk and honey times the Democrats love to point out. To be fair, I would be ecstatic if the deficits were as small as there were during his tenure but let’s take a deeper dive into the numbers.





Earlier we talked about the role demographics play in predicting future trends.  Baby Boomers were in their peak earning years during the Clinton administration and Baby Boomers still had another 20 years left to work before 10,000 a day would turn 65.  This meant the Social Security Trust Fund was running massive surpluses because of the payroll tax as depicted below.




This is money that was supposed to be saved for the future but instead was pissed away in the general fund.  Don’t worry IOU’s are in there, so nothing to see here (Sarcasm font)

If one simply backs out the Social Security Trust fund that was designated for future recipients the Clinton administration ran massive deficits.   Due to demographic trends and interest on the staggering debt (that doesn’t even include unfunded liabilities), I can’t imagine any President untangling this massive amount of Spaghetti.

As we saw earlier Bill really enjoys Balloons and Bubbles which makes me feel so sad about bursting his… JK





Liberal’s Ties to Subprime

Everyone can acknowledge the role subprime lending played in the financial crisis. One inconvenient truth is that the main community organizer responsible for suing the banks in the first place over mortgage discrimination was none other than… Barrack Hussein Obama.



The Gateway Pundit reported: “President Barack Obama was a pioneering contributor to the national subprime real estate bubble, and roughly half of the 186 African-American clients in his landmark 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank have since gone bankrupt or received foreclosure notices…

…Obama has pursued the same top-down mortgage lending policies in the White House.

Obama’s lawsuit was one element of a national “anti-redlining” campaign led by Chicago’s progressive groups, who argued that banks unfairly refused to lend money to people living within so-called “redlines” around African-American communities. The campaign was powered by progressives’ moral claim that their expertise could boost home ownership among the United States’ most disadvantaged minority, African-Americans.”

I hope this helps illustrate some of the myths liberals like to state when talking about the economic collapse but this article is on Clinton, not Obama.  To be Fair, the FED also played a vital if not the most important role in the collapse, but that is a subject for another day.


US Manufacturing and NAFTA

As a Libertarian, the thought of free trade is a very appealing one.  However what is proclaimed free trade deals are almost always crony bills that are anything but free trade.  Nafta was signed into law 1-1-1994, and I think little else needs to be said about NAFTA.  All one has to do is to look at the chart below.





In closing, I would love to get back down to mid single digits national debt.  I would love to get back to mild surplus’s or deficits depending on how you look at the payroll tax situation.  The fact of the matter is that Bill Clinton was a puppet for the Globalist from day one.

The man was dealt the best hand ever demographically speaking, and because the American public is ignorant of economics, there is a 50-50 chance the Clinton Regime could occupy the Whitehouse again.  A monkey would have a hard time F’Ing up a hand like that.


The Democrats are well aware of the American public’s economic ignorance which is why they were able to pass Obamacare.  Don’t believe me, then hear it for yourself from Obamacare’s chief architect Jonathan Gruber.


I hope you now have a better understanding of why the Economy did so great under The Clinton’s. I hope you have also seen how the Clinton Administration set the foundation for the financial crisis by repealing Glass-Steagal and that Obama helped solidify that foundation by successfully suing the banks to make subprime loans in the first place! Now we have to endure liberals taking all the credit for the phoney “recovery” we are in now.  For a complete debunking of the current economic situation check out my video below.  


I am an equal opportunity offender, and my aim is to expose the media’s false narratives and try to provide my readers the truth. If you are still reading this, I am truly humbled and would be honored if you could like my page and share this article with others on Facebook.

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