Over the weekend I had a nice guys weekend in Vegas.  One two seperate occassions minority women came up to my friend and accused him of being… wait for it… a Trump supporter.

Their damning proof was that he had a white safari style hat with USA emblazoned on it.

First of all…  Donald Trump is the President, so, so what if we did support him whilst being in America.

The first instance took place less than an hour after getting into the Aria pool. An Asian women who was blackount drunk… at 1pm…stumbled over and couldn’t believe my friend would be brazen enought to wear a hat with USA emblazoned on it.

The instance went something like this… wait you have a USA hat on… What are you a Trump supporter.

She than had to be forcibly taken out of the pool by her friends and presumably taken to bed as she could barely stand.

The second instance took place the next day at the Aria pool, and it went almost exactly like the previous days incident.  A young lady of mexican descent saw my friend with his USA safari hat on, accused him of being a Trump supporter then had to have her friends restrain her.

What a strange time we are living in when snowflakes can’t stand seeing USA.

Have any of you had this happen to you?

** PS the hat in the featured image was not the hat my friend had on.  His was plain white with simply USA written on it.

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