Nexus. A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

The Nexus conference was a gathering of blockchain enthusiast, libertarians, anarchists and Peter Schiff.

The conference kicked off with Emcee Terry Brock recanting the conversation he had with Nexus founder, Colin Cantrell walking back from breakfast.  When asked what excited Colin the most, Colin  replied “It’s the ability of people to come together peacefully to create new ideas, new solutions through decentralization”

For those of you who are not in the bitcoin world, Nexus is a blockchain cryptocurrency that looks to make improvements to Bitcoin or as founder Colin Cantrell says to design a coin made in the original image of what Satoshi was trying to create.


Some of those improvements include increased security that will be quantum resistant, faster transactions, a 3D block and the goal of storing the blockchain on cube sats 62 miles above the grid in sovereign territory. Colin’s father Jim is a founding member of SpaceX and current CEO of Vector Space.

As Declare your Independance show host Ernest Hancock would say “Anarchy is only 62 miles away”

Once implemented, world wide decentralized internet access will be possible via mesh networks. The value in the coin is in the value of the promises of  its features. The coins will be used as access to the network which gives it, its store of value.  I prefer the term crypto asset over crypto currency but that is another story.

Doug Casey gave a great talk on what constitutes money that I will write about later.


Besides the A list speaker list, the best part about the conference was the fact everyone there was not dwelling on the problems going on in the ussa, but coming together with solutions to forever empower humanity.

Governments no longer represents the will of the people and throughout the 20th century Democide was the number one world wide cause of death… not withstanding wars and death by natural causes.*1 For those of you wondering… Democide is death by government.


The blockchain enthusiasts at Nexus are looking to decentralize EVERYTHING to truly give the power back to the people. Central banks have run wild and in the words of Colin ” We are all slaves, we are all born into bondage”  and it is due to people being kind hearted  ” which makes them vulnerable to being taken advantage of”.




For those of you who are aware of central banking, you know the future is very bleak.

For those of you who are not aware here is a quick video I made breaking down the scam.

Lauren Southern said it best when she said she is very optimistic about her own future but not optimistic about the average Americans future. This was during a panel with Peter Schiff and Joby Weeks that resulted in Joby throwing a pocket Satoshi white paper at Mr Schiff …and for once Lauren didn’t cause the drama.


Blockchain can help take 3rd parties, and more importantly governments out of the equation. This could save the world economy billions of dollars per year in unnecessary fees and finally rid ourselves of a debt based monetary system.

This also would create an immutable ledger where if governments were on a blockchain, all spending would have to be accounted for which would greatly cut down wasteful spending I.e. $7000 coffee makers, trillions missing from the pentagon and the Feds secret 2008 16 Trillion dollar bailout ( bet you didn’t know the tarp program was a smoke screen for the secret program that was uncovered by a foia request).  Americans are more upset over people kneeling over a song than living in perpetual bondage.


Blockchain also has the ability to hold fully transparent elections that could not be hacked whether it’s the Russians or homeland security. Christina Tobin from free and equal elections had great insight on this.


David North from Sedgewick gave a very honest answer as to why he was at the Nexus Conference ” it matters to me because blockchain could take out my business”.

He then went on to explain the tedious process of filing an insurance claim and explained how much of the red tape and bureaucracy could be eliminated in his business and he was here to get ahead of the issue.



Perhaps the best person who crystallized the ways blockchain could revolutionize the world was Patrick Byrne of  His company Medici ventures is looking to disrupt over 160 different industries. Most notably he is looking to have his T Zero platform create instantaneous stock and bonds trades that would no longer take 3 days to settle and he can do it at a fraction of the current cost. In a world of blockchain, parasitic banks would no longer have the ability to naked short sell and the bad actors could be exposed on the public blockchain. This also upsets the powers that be because the primary dealers ” the banks that get to bid on treasury bonds from the Fed” will no longer get to issue fiat backed by nothing in a world without fractional reserve banking.  MR Byrne was asked by a banking executive what role they (the banks) play in the blockchain, to which MR Byrne replied you don’t.   For a great interview with MR Byrne, look no further than here.


As Doug Casey stated, the dollar is ” fiat backed by taxes and force”.



In the words of Jeff Berwick from “The Dollar Vigilante”  “Bitcoins not about fighting government, it’s about making their system obsolete.”  Ernest Hancock issued a similar statement in his pirates without borders letter from captain Marque, where Captain Marque states “I am no revolutionary. I have no desire to reform your system, or run it my way. If you want your servile life, keep it. But know that the Crown can never be trusted to abide by its founding charters, nor to keep its treaties, nor even to play by its own rules.” Shout out to Bitcoin not Bombs, Davi Barker for much of the verbiage.

Mr Berwick closed with a very positive message “they (government) can’t win because everything they do to get more control will further wake people up”   He also broke down the epidemiology of government. “Govern = to control and since he lives in Mexico Mente = mind in Spanish which gives you …mind control. “.




He also stated ” Slavery didn’t go away 200 years ago. We ll just make everyone slaves and let them walk around more”.


Even though most of the attendees and speakers are self-described anarchists. They are not the mask wearing antifa you see victimizing free speech at Berkeley.  They are voluntarist who want a world where free and voluntary association reign supreme.  Ernest Hancock repeatedly states “there are two types of people in this world, those who want to be left alone and those who won’t leave you alone… which one are you”.


I am hopeful that the visionaries at Nexus can give me the “leave me alonist” world  I crave, but I fear that the average American is under too much mind control to break from their oppressors peacefully and that they will beg for more government. In G Edwards Griffins Seminole novel ” the creature from Jekyll island he quoted Paul Warburg “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”*2


Paul Warburg said this well before blockchain and now that the horses have left the barn the powers that be will ensure that their old systems do not die without a fight.


Max Keiser stated the constitution gave us instructions for what to do once governments no longer protect the rights of the individual. This was echoed by Fox News host Judge Andrew Napolitano when he reminded the attendees that ” the second amendment wasn’t about duck hunting, it was about being able to remove a rogue tyrannical government”



I could not emphasize how amazing of an experience the Nexus Earth conference was.  Most of my heroes were all congregated in one place and all of them were very gracious with their time.  Even though I’ve known about bitcoin since it was $3, I’ve only recently understood how powerful the blockchain is… or at least understand it enough.


Many in my field will choose to ignore blockchain until it is too late. I’m grateful for all the connections or Nexus’s I made and it’s better late than never.


At the end of the day “freedom is the answer, what’s the question” Jordan Page


This was my first “bitcoin” conference but will certainly not be my last.

PS: There was an abundance of awesomeness that I didn’t get a chance to cover and in the interest of not having this blog be 10,000 words I’ll have to write some reports later.  Highlights include: Jim Cantrell’s presentations, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Schiff v Keiser, Schiff v Joby Weeks, Lynn Ulbricht, Luke Rudkowski and last but not least getting to ask questions to my Hero G Edward Griffin.

Oh and almost forgot Roger Ver AKA “Bitcoin Jesus” announced his plans to create a voluntarist nation!!!







*Senate Report (Senate Foreign Relations Committee) (1950). Revision of the United Nations Charter: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Eighty-First Congress. United States Government Printing Office. p. 494.


  1. It was a wonderfully, magical time. I have to agree with your assessments about the speakers and how great they were. I had the privilege of interacting with many of them one-on-one as I prepared my introductions working as Master of Ceremonies.

    Thank you for sharing this. Great information and I look forward to connecting in person.

    • admin100

      Thank you for reading the article and for doing such an outstanding job of being Master of Ceremonies. There was not a dull second and my only regret is that I’ve waited this long to go to one of these. Look forward to connecting in person again as well.

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