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Crypto’s and Conspiracies 1 – What the Fork is going on. What is Bitcoin? Why did bitcoin fork and is it a bubble?

In this Episode of The Libertarian Advisor Podcast Tim introduces a new category to the podcast entitled Crypto’s and Conspiracies. Tim is joined by fellow entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete and truth seeker Matt Mckean to discuss all things crypto related. Some of the topics we discuss include: – Is Bitcoin a bubble – The impending global financial crisis – Why central banks are a scam – What is Bitcoin – How is Bitcoin mined – Why did Bitcoin Fork – transaction fees – does the Bilderberg group control Bitcoin.     Listen on:            Transcription [00:00:01] Welcome everyone.
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The Libertarian Advisor Podcast – Episode 6 – GOP Tax Plan,Why Antifa are the real fascist and Trump’s Fed pick

In this episode Tim breaks down why he thinks the GOP’s new proposed tax plan is complete bullshit. We also get into: -how the central banks are the real fascists via their stock purchases.  If central banks can print money out of thin air isn’t that the merger of the states and corporations? -Why Antifa should be called Profa because they are the real fascists -Lastly we discuss Donald Trump’s new FED pick, Jerome Powell.     Listen on:            Transcription [00:00:04] Hey everyone is tim picciott libertarian advisor. We’ve got a lot to talk about this
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