Crypto / Bitcoin for Beginners Reference Guide


Are you new to crypto and want to know more?

The following video’s have been hand selected by our staff to help give you a better understanding of what Crypto is and why you should be involved with it.


Before you can understand why you should be in crypto, it’s important to first understand how the current monetary system “works”.  Below is the best video I’ve ever seen on the subject and I’d actually recommend the entire series for anyone who has the time.  It is free so you have no excuse.


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Here is a quick video our founder made that sums up why he thinks central banking is a scam.  If you already watched the above video, you can skip the part where “hidden secrets of money” is referenced.


We re all slaves to central bankers

Posted by The Liberty Advisor on Thursday, August 17, 2017


Before we delve into Bitcoin it is important to understand what people thought of the internet in the  1994.  The following is from the “Today Show”



The following are two relatively quick video’s explain what Bitcoin and the Blockchain is


Great Video explaining the many use cases of blockchain technology from Patrick Byrne of and T0

Why a Financial Advisor would leave his job in order to present at the TDV Investment summit



One of the best people, if not the best person in the crypto space when it comes to explaining Bitcoin is Andreas Antonopolis.

Here is Andreas on “The Joe Rogan Podcast” and speaking to the Canadien senate.


Once you sort of understand Bitcoin it is important to understand what smart contracts are and the broader crypto environment as a whole.  The following two video’s are from social media influencer and icon Gary Vaynerchuk.

Bitcoin & Blockchain: What Could Overthrow 3 Global Superpowers?

Some context on my history and thoughts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency … this title above says it all

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Monday, November 20, 2017





Now a lot of people think Bitcoin is a bubble. Personally I think a lot of crypto’s are scams, there are many people chasing lambo dreams and get rich schemes and many will lose, just like they lost in the dotcom bubble.  However, several of those dot com companies are around today and no one who held onto Apple or Amazon stock throughout the duration of the crash… and still have it today, are regretting it.

It is also important to understand Metcalf’s law and the network effect.  Below are 3 video’s that explain whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not.  Ps Past performance is no indication of future returns.






Perhaps the two best video’s in this entire reference library are both from Mike Maloney of


Now that Bitcoin has high fee’s, it is a perfect time to usher in the lightning network… or is it?  This may be a case of classic: problem, reaction, solution.  Core developers wanted to implement segwit and lightning all along so they… Create a problem, sit on the solution they’ve already created that will benefit their financiers (Blockstream), wait for the public outcry and come in to save the day with lightning… which was their plan all along… in my opinion.

Anyways this video does an AMAZING job of summing things up.  Enjoy.



The following are some of my podcast on Crypto’s:


The following podcast compares the “bubble” in crypto to the US Dollar.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash



This is a much more technical video but I’d highly encourage everyone to listen to Colin
Cantrel of Nexus Earth breakdown Blockchain.  This video is last because it is only for people who have a somewhat advanced understanding of Bitcoin.  The first time I heard Colin speak I may have only understood every other word so dont feel discouraged if the same thing happens to you. That means your normal.

Colin Cantrel and Ernest Hancock of Freedoms Phoenix get into the weeds on Bitcoin

If we missed any video’s that you think should be up here please let us know in the comments.


Here are some disclosures that are worth noting and should be considered before investing:


There are many inherent risks to owning crypto currency.
At this stage, crypocurrencies, also referred to as blockchain, crypto’s, crypto-assets are
incredibly volatile and are at best an early stage speculative vehicle. We do not recommend
putting more than 30% of your assets into alternative asset classes and no more than 10% in
cryptocurrencies. We also realize that certain individuals will have philosophical beliefs that do
not make them “traditional” investors. For these individuals, they must acknowledge the many
risks in having concentrated positions in crypto’s and the dangers of putting all their eggs in one
basket so to speak.
For the average retail investor, they must realize the risks inherent in crypto’s and Bitcoin.
There is the political risk that crypto’s could be banned by the government. There is the
potential that crypto’s could be added to the list of prohibited IRA assets. Since there is no
precedent for such a decision, we do not know how the government would treat such assets in
such an event. We would hope, investors would have a chance to sell those assets and reinvest
proceeds into allowed vehicles but there is no telling what “remedies” the government might
Other risks include: extreme volatility; short track records; new alt coins displacing current
crypto’s, an ever evolving market place, government laws, hacking, quantum computing, safety
of exchanges, losing private key(s), no central authority for re do’s, currency risk, geo-political
risk, etc.
Investor must also realize that we will not provide on going advice to move from one crypto to
another or what crypto to initially buy. We will provide you information to make an informed
decision but it is information that you should vet yourself. All models are hypothetical
examples only and are not endorsements. Past performance is not an indication of future
For retirement investor’s, they must use good judgement in regards to asset allocation.
Investor must also realize that even though retirement accounts provide great tax deferral and
avoidance strategies, that this may be a moot point if assets go to zero or fall dramatically. In
the event of a “home run”, such strategies may prove to be extremely beneficial but there are
no guarantees.







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